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London Errands

Running special delivery and pickup services in and around London, Ontario. We are reliable, affordable, and timely.

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London, Ontario, Canada

Taking care in the handling of all items.


We handle with trust and care

We handle anything that you entrust to us securely and with special care. Throughout our handling, you can have a peace of mind that we will deliver reliably and responsibly.

We are equipped to handle a great variety of items.


We are flexible and capable

We are equipped to handle the timely delivery of just about anything you have in mind! Whether they are small goods from a grocery store to large household appliances.

We take care to properly handle anything trusted our hands.

Why we can deliver for you


We will pickup and deliver in a timely manner right to your door or curbside.


We will make trips to homes, grocery stores, shopping malls, or businesses.


We will deliver up to 50 km from the London city center.


Anything we handle we treat with full confidentiality and discretion.


We are safe to handle any number of items, of almost any size.

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Requests are submitted and reviewed the same day they are submitted. We will respond back as soon as possible.

When would you like us to start your errand? If you're flexible, let us know below when adding details.
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